Damascus FX1 FlexForce Armour Suit

Technically the Damascus FX1 FlexForce hard shell crowd control system is made for keeping riots under control, but we think this is the perfect suit of armor for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.
Like many of you out there, we are of the belief that this zombie takeover is going down sooner than later. If you want to survive this thing, you need to come out of denial, and start preparing. Walkers are going to be everywhere, so you’re going to need armor that provides both protection and comfort. 
The FlexForce crowd control system is just that, equipped with a front and back modular hard shell panel system that allows for easy fitment and mobility for all shapes and sizes. Our favorite part of the suit is the flexible forearm guard that will make fending off biters easier than ever. Head on over to the Botach Tactical online store to grab your armor today.

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