Martin Jetpack

When we were kids, we used to dream about one day flying around in our own personal jet pack. Not much has changed these days. We are now grown men, with the same dreams of flying to work instead of school in the morning.
Thanks to the Martin Jetpack, this dream could soon become a reality. Before you pass this off as another concept, don’t. Glenn Martin and his New Zealand based innovation team at Martin Aircraft Company have just been issued a test license for their prototype product from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority. 
The company is now set to begin testing the jetpack with ambitious plans of releasing a military version of the device by the end of 2014. While that sounds pretty awesome, it’s the next bit of news that really caught our attention. The Martin Jetpack is also slated to hit the retail scene in civilian form during 2015 with a projected price tag of $20,000. It may be a bit out of a price range, but if Martin can get the ball rolling, there are sure to be more competitors, hence causing the price to come down in the ensuing years. We’re cheering you on Martin.
Martin Jetpack Specifications:

Weight (Empty): 180 kgs (396 lbs)
Max Weight (inc. pilot): 330 kgs (727 lbs)
Engine: custom built V4 two-stroke 200 horsepower
Fuel type: automotive gasoline and 2 stroke oil
Range: 18 miles (30 km)
Flight time: 30 minutes
Max speed: 46 mph (74 km/h)
Ceiling: 3,000 ft AMSL
Noise level: 90db (car limit)

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