MYO Armband Is A Telekinetic Ability Assist

Next year, in 2014, Canadian based Thalmic Labs will ship out the first rounds of MYO wireless armbands. The first runs come in black and white. Put this armband on, wave it at your desktop from 10 feet away and operate that comp. Next year it is on, 2014, and pre-orders are online!
The MYO next generation of gesture control armband uses Bluetooth 4.0 low energy to communicate with the device it’s linked with. A proprietary muscle sensing system actively detects the electrical activity in the muscles of the forearm, on instant, and broadcasts it to what have you. The armband also integrates an inertial sensor system to track the position of your arm and hand in motion.
The function of a MYO can be applied to all kinds of activities. The “electromyography” Thalmic design will allow users to control computers, toys, and grandiose gadgets yet to be invented. Imagine a school teacher with a MYO armband on in class with a computer and a projector moonlighting about radical science. Envision doctors with bloody brainy hands performing neurosurgery with a MYO on moving around substantial digital information while working, all sanitary. Play a boxing game on X-Box 720 with four armbands on? Possibly help your Roomba navigate. Touchscreens are still uber cool, for other stuff, right?
Pre-orders are being made for the 25,000 introductory units being distributed when the MYO are ready. The pre-order price might be as amazing as the technology itself at a mere $149! Check out the more crucial input and even lock one for yourself at

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