French, Russian Companies Announce New Military Vehicle

Russian vehicle-maker Ural Vagon Zavod and Renault Trucks Defense of France are jointly developing a new 8x8 infantry combat vehicle.

The vehicle, which will be marketed as replacement for the Russian army's BTR-80 amphibious armored personnel carrier, was unveiled at an arms exhibition in the Russian city of Nijni Taguil.

The Atom 8x8 weighs 33 tons. Its hull and armaments comes from Ural Vagon Zavod, maker of the T-90 tank, while Renault Trucks Defense is responsible for its power train.

The Atom will be produced in a number of variants. Included are troop transport vehicle, with a 57mm turret; infantry combat vehicle, with a 120mm mortar or anti-tank missile; ambulance; breakdown vehicle; and armored police vehicle. Some variants will be amphibious.

"The two companies have worked together to propose the most open, evolutionary architecture," Renault Trucks Defense said.

Renault Trucks Defense said its cooperation with Ural Vagon Zavod began in February of this year and the Atom is the initial produce of the partnership. Additional details of the Atom vehicle and expected development and production timelines were not detailed.

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