Sweden To Purchase 100 Armored Vehicles From BAE

The Swedish government will buy 100 BvS10 armored all terrain vehicles from BAE Systems Hägglunds, according to Defense Minister Karin Enström.

The deal is part of the options for up to 127 vehicles agreed upon when BAE secured a US $100 million contract with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration in 2012 for 48 of the go-anywhere tracked machines. Enström announced the deal in a local newspaper that covers the town where the BvS10 is built.

Deliveries of the first 48 vehicles from BAE’s Örnsköldsvik factory are coming to a close and a contract is expected to be in place by the end of the year to enable the company to tack the new batch of BvS10s on the end of the original order without a break in production.
Production of the latest batch of vehicles for Sweden is scheduled to run on until 2016. Like the original order, the upcoming contract will be produced in troop carrier, command vehicle, logistic carrier and ambulance variants.

No price for the options has been revealed but it will likely be in excess of $160 million, given the cost of the first 48 machines.

British, French and Dutch militaries also operate the vehicle.

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