Swedish Military Receives First Archer Artillery

The first batch Archer self-propelled artillery systems was delivered on Monday to Sweden's Defense Materiel Agency by BAE Systems Bofors.

Archer, a joint project by Sweden and Norway, is a fully automated 155mm howitzer and a M151 Protector remote-controlled weapon station mounted on a modified 6x6 chassis of an all-terrain truck. It features a fully automated magazine with 21 projectiles. Each system includes an ammunition resupply vehicle and a support vehicle. Sweden has ordered 24 units. Norway has also ordered 24 systems.
"This is a project that delivers one of the best artillery systems," said Lena Erixon, director general of the Swedish agency, also referred to as FMV. "We have met with both successes and setbacks in the project, but now finally delivered the first four vehicles."

Erixon said the gun systems will undergo trials at an artillery base and Swedish forces will receive training in their use.

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