Combat Jetmaker Saab Plans to Build Drones

Military equipment manufacturer Saab plans to break into the growing multi-billion dollar market for unmanned aerial vehicles, known as drones, according to a Swedish media report.
"Already today we market and sell helicopter system Skeldar and explore collaboration on the larger system MALE [Medium-Altitude-Long-Endurance]," Saab's product manager Mikael Franzén told business daily Dagens Industri.

Skeldar is a medium range VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) developed by Saab. Missions for the Skeldar involves surveillance, intelligence gathering, light cargo transportation and electronic warfare.

The Drone market is booming worldwide, moving so quickly that aviation experts predict unmanned aerial vehicle sales will soon take the largest market share of all aircraft sales. Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, RPAS, is a priority growth area for Saab, according to the  report.  [via]

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