Ducati Announces New Monster 1200 and Monster 1200 S

Ducati’s new Monster 1200 and Monster 1200 S present the next generation of this family of motorcycles, combining genuine Monster tradition with Ducati’s latest technical solutions. From the second generation Testastretta 11° DS engine and its Panigale-style direct attachment to the frame, to benchmark TFT instrumentation and best-ever ergonomics, the new Monster motorcycles mix authentic sport character with lifestyle sophistication. 

The new Monster’s larger fuel tank accentuates the bike’s muscular image, emphasized by a narrow waistline and compact headlamp. The clean and minimal handlebar continues the icon’s essential character, while attention to detail like the tinted, transparent master cylinder reservoirs add a distinct finish. The Monster 1200 will retail for $13,495 USD with the S model priced at $15,995 USD.

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