Riva 122 Mythos Superyacht

The Riva 122′ Mythos is the first yacht ever entirely built from light aluminum alloy; a really interesting fact, sure, but if you pull up to your local dock with this vessel, you’ll likely be unable share that fact with anyone due to the parade of frenzied women throwing their panties at you.

It may be 122-feet long and about 25-feet wide, but it also moves briskly, with an expected cruising speed of 25 knots–though we doubt you’ll notice the speed as you enjoy the staterooms; master suite; Canaletto walnut, leather, white lacquer, and steel interior; lavish dining area; hot tub; bar; sun pad; personal watercraft garage; and swim platform that lowers you into the sea for a dip. Some 33,000 man hours have gone into the creation of this thing. Question is, can it get you 33,000 panties? 

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