Sony RX1R: Full Frame, Palm Size!

Sony’s passion for quality and compactness culminates in the unique 35mm full-frame camera with bright lens and palm-sized dimensions. The DSC-RX1R ($2.800) leaps far beyond other compact cameras and merges two key trends: the rise of the big-sensor compact and the downscaling of full-frame (35mm) digital bodies. The DSC-RX1R is a special edition of the RX1 for photographers who want to take full advantage of the 24.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor’s capabilities. The optical low-pass (anti-aliasing) filter has been removed from the RX1R, allowing the full resolution of the sensor to be achieved without compromise. This, together with the the fixed 35mm f/2 Carl Zeiss lens, results in resolution and sharpness when image details matter 

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