Germany Modernizing its Cruise Missile Taurus

The figure has nothing to be desired the French military: while the current military planning law provides for modernizing 100 missile Scalp-EG cruise, the German Ministry of Defence has notified late last year a contract an unspecified amount to renovate no less than 300 KEPD 350 Taurus, long-range weapons of the same class and are being implemented by the Luftwaffe Tornado.

This extension of life program not only provides for the replacement of perishable components (pyrotechnics, fuel ...) but also the integration of a new GPS architecture and the "modernization of the software development environment", according to our information . The construction of this "major overhaul" will be conducted on the MBDA Germany Schrobenhausen site at a rate of about 75 copies per year until 2020.
Taurus Systems GmbH, the consortium in charge of KEPD 350, is a joint venture between Saab Bofors and MBDA Germany. She recently won a great victory for export by defeating the U.S. JASSM to equip the F-15K South Korean air force. The missile is also integrated on the Spanish EF-18.

In France, renovation projects at mid-life Scalp-EG carried by the Rafale and Mirage 2000D are blurred. The principle is intended to secure a joint program with the United Kingdom (which uses this weapon under the appellation GR4 Tornado Storm Shadow) under a project called SSCEP for Scalp / Storm Shadow Common Enhancement Program. The joint statement after the Franco-British summit held in late January provides that both countries agree on a "Memorandum of Understanding" at the beginning of this summer. [via]

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