Ferrari 458 Speciale


When your factory Ferrari 458 Speciale just isn’t enough, the German tuners at Novitec Rosso are on standby, waiting to give you a supercar makeover.

The brand’s latest project sees a 458 draped head to toe in carbon fiber components, adding aesthetic appeal while at the same time helping the Rari shed some weight. 21-inch forged wheels round out the looks on the exterior, and the interior has been completely revamped utilizing plenty of leather and Alcantara for a truly custom feel. On the performance end of things, Novitec Rosso installed a lightweight INCONEL exhaust system, modified suspension, and a rear wing/diffuser combination designed specifically for increased downforce, and improved aerodynamics. The vehicle pumps out 636 horsepower, helping it hit speeds topping 200 miles per hour on the track.

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