Leica M-P 240 Camera

The camera features a 24 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor along with the Leica Maestro image processor, and a massive 2GB memory buffer. The buffer upgrade is a huge improvement over its predecessor, giving it the ability to capture burst mode shots twice as fast. Of course this beauty also features full HD video recording to really relive those special moments in all their glory, and that gorgeous water-resistant full-metal magnesium alloy chassis is sure to help turn some heads during your photoshoots. 

Aesthetically, fans of the iconic camera maker will notice that while the details remain true to Leica, the camera is one of the few without that instantly recognizable red logo stamped on the front. As with all Leica products, expect to drop some coin for this thing, as the M-P camera retails for about $8,000.

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