Gray Design Vapour GT

The Vapour GT is a study of an extreme supercar created by Swedish design studio Gray Design that could be custom built is a limited series.

The Vapour GT is a concept car developed by Swedish studio Gray Design – founded by Eduard Gray – for the recently launched Zeus Twelve brand, that aims at producing luxury cars and yachts in limited series for private customers and collectors.

The design of the Vapour GT is bold and extreme, with razor-sharp lines and an intricate mix of surfaces and details. Among the distinctive elements are the strengthened glass aerofoils located at the front and rear of the car, that are also visible in the side intakes and cockpit.

The sportscar is based on the lightweight carbon fiber structure of the Caterham SP 300 R racing chassis, which would result in a curb weight of under 900kg, and a projected 0-60 mph time of under 3.2 seconds.

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