RICOH Intros Super Day/Night Digital Binocular

Digital day/night binoculars that penetrate fog, smoke, rain and sand for clear imaging have been introduced by Ricoh Americas Corporation.

Designed for military, law enforcement and commercial customers, the RICOH NV-10A clarifies, brightens and sharpens images with just a push of a button. The product's use of PENTAX Atmospheric Interference Reduction technology reintroduces color that would otherwise be obscured, the company said.

The binoculars are water resistant, dust proof, include GPS technology and a digital compass.
"This is a serious tool for the serious user," A Ricoh Americas official said. "Imagine you're on a merchant ship and see another vessel cruising into your vicinity. Is it friend or foe? How many crew members do you see on deck? What are they doing? You need to know before your options begin to dwindle."

Ricoh said the retail price for the NV-10A is $4,195.

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