The DIESEL Grand Daddy Watch Limited Edition

I’m a man of a practical taste, so I’m a bit confused by the latest DIESEL design; it’s clearly an overkill, and it’s called the Grand Daddy Watch. It features four individual time/chronograph functions. – which makes the name ironic, considering that most elderly persons can hardly tell the time of day in a classical manner – and, along with the laser crystal and pyramid texture dial, this big and bold watch sets itself apart.
DIESEL taunts us with its size as well, measuring at 73 mm x 66 mm – approximately the size of an old-school magnifying glass, which would actually prove useful for old people in this case. A gunmetal steel case and laser crystal allows water resistance of up to 3 ATM or 30 meters. The watch will be limited to “just” 1000 units only and is available now through the DIESEL online store and retail locations worldwide at a price of $1,000.00.


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