Singapore's F-15 Fighter Jets are Operationally Ready: RSAF

Singapore's most modern fighter jets are now combat ready, strengthening the Republic's air defence shield. The Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF) 24 F-15 SG fighter jets went operational on Wednesday.

Singapore received its first F-15 aircraft in 2009. The F-15 jet is considered one of the top fighter planes in the world. It has racked up a combat record of 104 victories and zero losses in 30 years of air battles worldwide.
Men and machines were put through a series of tests and training exercises, among other things, to certify that the F-15s' weapons systems and flight performance fully meet the RSAF's requirements. Attaining "full operational capability" means they can be deployed in any combat missions.

The F-15s are a critical part of the RSAF's arsenal to pre-empt air threats and gun down hostile targets. Other weapons include the G550 early warning surveillance jets, the SPYDER air defence system, all of which are already combat-ready. The ASTER-30 surface-to-air missile system will soon be added to the RSAF suite of sensors and shooters.

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