U Boat Work C Explorer 5 Luxury Submerisble

Something tells me if James Cameron used the C-Explorer 5 to scour the Atlantic for Titanic remains, he’d still be down there. This submersible offers more than just the ability to go deeper than that conversation you had with your dad when you turned 14. The C-Explorer 5′s four passengers can enjoy plenty of space, air conditioning, a 360-degree view, audio system, HD camera, GPS, sonar, and even a remote controlled exploration vehicle and grappling arm–just in case Ariel doesn’t wanna come ashore without a fight.

You’ll move at a speed of three knots and dive up to three-hundred meters (984 feet) deep, so prepare to see some strange creatures. You’ll enjoy 8+ hours of underwater cruising thanks to the dual power system (electric motor + lithium-ion battery). On the safety front, the hull is pressurized and allows for a speedy retreat to the surface if needed. Worst case scenario, give Aquaman a call.

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